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3/14/2013 UPDATE: Another COS child molester is criminally convicted and goes to prison
        The details of this case can be read at the Delco Times Newspaper here: Delco Times 3/5/2012 Article

The focus of this site is the crimes, misery, and misdeeds that occurred at Church of our Savior (aka PCOS,COS) in Concordville Pa while Frederick A. Drummond controlled it. The below individuals are known for their involvement with Drummond while at the now defunct COS. Most are listed in court papers or as co-defendants in the various court actions including child molestation. They now operate mostly in Ft Lauderdale Florida but also in Wilmington Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Frederick Drummond Sr COS Senior Minister. Fred currently works at PlanMember Securities Corporation as a broker-dealer in Weston, FL. He is listed as a director at DMI church (see below). Go to the Newspaper section of this site for the details. aka 'Dr Frederick Drummond', 'Dr Frederick A. Drummond Sr', Fred Sr, and fad.
Frederick Drummond Jr COS Minister. In 2005, Jr is on record as stating "If I could be like anyone, I would be like my father." (you do the math). Currently a director at fad's DMI church (see below).
Richard Bellingham Another criminally convicted COS child molester, Bellingham was a senior member at COS. He was imprisioned in 2013 for sexually abusing a 4 year old COS member and several other very young COS children. If he gets out of prison, he will be listed as a lifetime sex offender under Megan's Law. aka Richard Lyons, Richard Goldstein
Grace Bellingham COS Director of Counseling. Was married to Richard Bellingham (above) while at COS. aka Grace Goldstein, Grace Lyons, GiGi, Grace Nobel, Grace Noble.
Destiny Ministries International Church Fred's DMI is based in Fort Lauderdale FL. It is not a traditional brick & mortar church like COS and there are not throngs of people at DMI as one would exptect from looking at Fred's website. That's just clip art and doesn't represent reality. The last I heard on 5/1/2013, a few of them meet at Fred's house. Link: DMI Corporate Record
David Durham MSFS, CAP Ran the finances at COS, go to the newspaper section for details. David works in financial services, currently running Durham Loyal and F.R.S. Aliases include J David Durham, David J Durham. There are several sites on the internet announcing extreme displeasure about David's financial services. The below site has several links Durham Loyal Ripoffs.
Carl Durham Listed as a Director at DMI. aka L Carl Durham, Carl L Durham
Rick Price Listed as a Director at DMI

While reading on this site, be very careful when considering the deeds of man. History and current day events demonstrate man continually evokes a god's name while doing evil. God had nothing to do with the crimes that occured at COS. That's not to say time spent at COS was wasted. There is a lesson to learn and we can grow in the long run. We pull ourselves up, dust ourselves off, think it through, and become stronger and wiser. Sometimes, dusting off takes decades; I've been there, I know. But, if we make the choice to grow, we become better people through our effort.

As far as those at COS who trespassed against God and his Church: punishment is up to the courts and ultimately, God. Some justice was already served through the criminal and civil courts. God will take care of the offenses that never made it to court, including those that were never made public.

Remember, we should never affiliate with nor trust an evil man: a snake will always bite, given enough time.














Items of note. Dr Frederick Drummond Sr was the senior pastor at the Church of our Savior in Concordville, Pa. Philadelphia Church of our Saviour, COS for short, was located at 700 Baltimore Pike and has gone through many name changes amid controversy and after the church became notorious in the Concord area. Names ranged from First Baptist Church of Concordville later called cos and then ESCA aka Evangelical Spirit Filled Church of America. FAD is now living in Broward County Fort Lauderdale, FL and is using Destiny Ministries International as his church name. Dr Frederick Arthur Drummond or simply FAD has claimed to be high ranking officer in the now defunct Durawood of Delaware. He was once the pastor of Seaview Baptist Church in Pacifica, California which almost collapsed. He was once pastor of Galilean Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri: this church went bankrupt and the congregation fell apart, The church was sold at a sheriffs sale. Typical problems that usually follow Fred around are church splits, churches going bankrupt, strife, severe abuse, and legal problems. Now, he runs a web site out of Ft Lauderdale Florida as his primary front. FAD has an ongoing crew consisting of Grace Bellingham aka Grace Goldstein aka Grace Nobel or Noble, Rick A Price aka Rick Price, Carl Durham aka Carl L Durham, and David Durham aka David J Durham. In the first church split in 1978, one hundred plus left en masse. They charged he had homosexual affairs with students, he was spending church money on personal luxuries, he condoned brutality and was dangerously dominant over his disciples. Many claim he was running a Cult like group. I saw for the first time in 2010 that fad publically admits he was at fault for the split. experiencedestiny.com frederickdrummond.com